Affordable Fitness At HOME!

Say What?

Can this really be a thing?? It sure can be! 

I totally get it. I had the same mindset a long time ago. I thought to be fit and healthy I had to spend a huge amount of money. And let’s be honest. When we are raising a family (or living on our own period) money goes towards our bills. At least that is the situation here.  So there were many times that I just felt that I didn’t have the money to spend and therefore used that as my excuse to continue to live with my bad health habits.

Well as I have learned, you can still get in an amazing workout, still lose weight, still gain muscle, all while working out at home, and not having to break the bank in order to do so.




Let’s talk about this little piece fitness equipment.

This piece of fitness equipment is a great way to get an awesome workout in right from your home! And you don’t need a ton of time to get a good total body workout in either. You can get a quick, 20 minute, total body workout that is super effective and will have you nice and sweaty in no time!

What is it? A Kettlebell!

This is a sand filled one. I had purchased a set of them at Aldi last January. I paid $20 for the set that came with 3 Kettlebells; a 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb. You can also purchase some that are made of iron (which is what most gyms carry).

So, If you are looking for a quick way to workout, and are short on time, this is a great piece of equipment, that won’t break the bank!

Once you get your Kettlebell (if you don’t already own one) then give this quick total body workout a try!

 Make sure to warm up for at least 5 minutes prior (dancing to your favorite song at home is a great warm-up!)






Do 3-5 rounds based on your time available
Do 5-10 reps for each exercise with as little rest as possible between exercises.

*Goblet Squat
*Kneeling Overhead Press Each Side
*Goblet Clean
*2 Arm Swing