Affordable Fitness At HOME!

Say What?

Can this really be a thing?? It sure can be! 

I totally get it. I had the same mindset a long time ago. I thought to be fit and healthy I had to spend a huge amount of money. And let’s be honest. When we are raising a family (or living on our own period) money goes towards our bills. At least that is the situation here.  So there were many times that I just felt that I didn’t have the money to spend and therefore used that as my excuse to continue to live with my bad health habits.

Well as I have learned, you can still get in an amazing workout, still lose weight, still gain muscle, all while working out at home, and not having to break the bank in order to do so.




Let’s talk about this little piece fitness equipment.

This piece of fitness equipment is a great way to get an awesome workout in right from your home! And you don’t need a ton of time to get a good total body workout in either. You can get a quick, 20 minute, total body workout that is super effective and will have you nice and sweaty in no time!

What is it? A Kettlebell!

This is a sand filled one. I had purchased a set of them at Aldi last January. I paid $20 for the set that came with 3 Kettlebells; a 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb. You can also purchase some that are made of iron (which is what most gyms carry).

So, If you are looking for a quick way to workout, and are short on time, this is a great piece of equipment, that won’t break the bank!

Once you get your Kettlebell (if you don’t already own one) then give this quick total body workout a try!

 Make sure to warm up for at least 5 minutes prior (dancing to your favorite song at home is a great warm-up!)






Do 3-5 rounds based on your time available
Do 5-10 reps for each exercise with as little rest as possible between exercises.

*Goblet Squat
*Kneeling Overhead Press Each Side
*Goblet Clean
*2 Arm Swing

We are Capable of More than We Think


Ah the 8 lbs dumbbell. I remember when this used to feel super heavy to me! This was, at one time, to be consider my heavy weight to use in my workouts. Sound a bit crazy? Maybe, but that is just how it was and where I was at during that time in my journey. And I know I am not the only one.

Let’s take it back a moment.


When I first began working out I started with body weight. I had been working on my nutrition for 3 months before I added in movement. I chose to utilize online streaming through daily burn at first. They offered a 30 day free trial so I chose to give it a shot. I was really embarrassed of my body still and just didn’t have the courage to step foot in a gym so I felt that working out at home would be best for me and my comfort level.

Once I worked through that, I began to use some workout dvds I had here in the house. Some of them were focused on strength training where I needed to have a light and a medium weight. Because I was still a beginner, my light weight was 3 lbs and my medium weight was 5 lbs. I certainly got a good workout in as I  was building up my strength. This was just where I was at during the moment.

Of course, the more I worked out the easier it got and I had to increase my weight. Of course back when I first started I could never imagine lifting a 10 lb dumbbell or even a 15 lb dumbbell. I just wasn’t in that mindset and wasn’t even sure at that time when that would be a reality, if ever. But during that time I just wanted to focus on the here and make an effort to just show up each day.

Of course now, over 2 years later, I have been able to really increase my strength and my overall fitness.  8 lbs is now a light weight for me and I hardly ever pick them up unless I am doing a high rep, lower weight workout.  This shows me now where I am in my fitness and just how far I have come during it all. Back when I began I had a hard time just being able to do 10 minutes; now I am capable of working harder for longer. I can do push ups on my toes, and can really kill some squats and lunges during my body pump release.

Did I believe that I could do this back when I first began? Hell no I didn’t. I wasn’t sure where I was going to be headed when I began; all I knew is that I had to start and soon. I was tired of feeling so tired and lifeless. I was having a hard time keeping up with every day tasks as well as daughter. I was constantly sick, having a hard time just getting up off of the couch, and I was sick of not being able to see my toes when I was standing (yes, my stomach was that large).  All I did was choose to show up and make a change. Each and every single day. I may not have given myself full credit, but dammit I was willing to try.

We all do this no matter what we may be focusing on. We don’t always believe we are capable of doing certain things; Growing our strength, losing that weight, finishing that degree, being a parent, owning our own business. So many times we just get in our own way and truly believe that we may not have what it takes to reach those goals or make those changes.

But we are totally capable. Each and every single one of us. 

Will it be easy? You bet your ass it won’t. Nothing amazing in our life ever comes without a little hard work and elbow grease behind it, but as long as we take our time, show up every day, and stay consistent, we will get there.

And when we do, oh man the sweet feeling we get from the success is amazing and worth all that stress, hard work, sweat, and tears. 

Each day I had to choose to show  up and keep working, or just sit back and remain the same. But I was tired of being 245 lbs. And I wanted something better. I wanted to be healthier for my family and for myself. So every day I woke up and made a choice to continue working hard and just seeing what I was able to accomplish.  I didn’t always believe in myself, but I wanted something way more than my current situation.

So I made a choice and made shit happen. 😉

We are more capable than what we think. So don’t give up. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and just believe that you have what it takes. Because you certainly do!!

I have included a nice little body weight workout to get your heart pumping. Add some weight if you are feeling beasty! 😉




Body Weight At Home Workout!

Do 2-3 rounds; do each exercise continuously without a break, and then take 2-3 minutes in between your rounds. Have Fun!

10 Squats

10 Push Ups

10 Mountain Climbers

10 Alternating Lunges

10 Burpees


Sometimes a break is Necessary


Last Month, I spent an entire weekend training for Body Pump. Back in August, I reached out to a local gym owner who we searching for class instructors. She was wanting to have Body Pump classes when her new gym opened. I had been wanting to continue pursuing a career in health and fitness and this was just another opportunity that presented itself to me.

Long story short, she hired me. She told me I was exactly who she was looking for to fill one of the instructor positions.   The next step was to obviously get trained and certified.

So the next training available that was somewhat close to my town was not until December 5. It totally worked out well because her gym actually did not open officially until after Thanksgiving.

I taught my very first class on Tuesday, December 15 @ 6:30 pm. I chose to teach the express format because I really was anxious to get started. Not to mention that since the gym  opened people were really ready to try the class out and wanted to have an evening available to them.

That first night teaching was the most scary, yet the most exciting thing I have done to date. My soul was lit on fire. It was that moment that I knew, finally, that I was meant to go down that path. I totally felt alive and it was amazing.

I have to be honest though, I thought that teaching this class would fit just fine into my training schedule I had already laid out.

Yeah, not so much.

I didn’t realize just how taxing it can be to be teaching 3 classes a week and working full time, plus working a part time coaching business at home as well as all the other duties of being a wife and mother, helping take care of the home, and somehow finding time for myself.

At first I did OK, but the longer I have been at it the more my training schedule is just out of whack. I have not been able to really workout any other days besides when I teach because honestly? My body is just tired. I have set my alarm and woke up at my typical 4:30 am time and I am just not feeling it. My body isn’t feeling it. So I end up just spending that time relaxing and sipping on my cup of coffee before getting ready for work.

At first I felt as though this was just wrong. I mean, I was “supposed” to be working out. I was supposed to work out more than just 3 days a week. I am used to working out 5 to 6 days a week so what gives?  I kept going over this in my head just feeling like I was doing something wrong or maybe I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough.

But come on, let’s be real for a moment, I have pretty much set this lifestyle in motion. Working out and eating healthy have literally become my life. So what is my deal? And why am I questioning myself so badly over this?

My body is allowing me to teach these classes, however, that seems to be all it can muster at this time. This is a brand new workout for me, this is a brand new routine for me, and honestly it takes some time for it to really set into place. I don’t always have to be on the grind non stop.

Sometimes, we need to take a break.  Sometimes it is necessary to allow space for things to adjust and to really just take some time to accommodate into this new routine.

And there is really nothing wrong with that at all. I am the only one who knows my body and realizes what is going on. This is one of those times that I truly am needing a moment to get used to this new schedule.

We shouldn’t ever feel bad for needing to take a break. I mean, if that is what we need that is what we need.  This is just a part of the journey and it is important that we take a moment to really understand and enjoy the journey instead of always worrying about the end result. This little break is not going to hinder anything for me. I truly believe that it is just necessary so I can just come back stronger and better.

So in the mean time I am going to just continue to teach classes. When I am feeling ready I will start to create a new training program around the class and just continue moving forward as I have done.

In the meantime I am looking to maybe add a yoga class into the mix. I have yet to really go to an actual class as I have just done a basic yoga flow here at home, as well as done a yoga DVD. I am wanting to really experience what a class is like, and right now I am feeling like yoga may just be the ticket to the much needed relaxation, stretch, and release that I am currently craving.  🙂





SINCE JUNE 2015, I have been leading virtual support and accountability groups on Facebook.  I had needed some additional support and accountability for my own health and fitness journey, and since I had recently started my own online coaching business, I thought that this would be a great way to help others, and also help to keep me accountable while I was still working on mine.

What I find amazing is the connections that I have made from hosting these online groups. I invite people to join and we usually go for 3 weeks; checking in with each other on a daily basis to see how our day went.  We have shared our struggles, we have shared our success; we have even shared other parts of our lives that didn’t pertain to health or fitness; It was just more about LIFE.

The thing is that we don’t have to do this personal journey alone. In fact, we really should’t expect to. We have far better success when we have others to lean on during the process, as well as just have a safe space to be able to talk openly without judgement or ridicule as others who are also on their own journey just get it.

That is what I have found to be true when it came to this venture. Surrounding ourselves with those who just get it and understand what we are going through makes us feel like we are not crazy and alone; that others are also experiencing and thinking the same things.

See, we don’t just share recipes, the food we ate that day, or shared the workout that we either loved or hated; We share ourselves. We help teach each other that it is okay to not workout some days, to enjoy that slice of cake or that pizza. Life isn’t about following an exact plan; it is more about finding what works for us personally and seeing how it fits into our own life. And depending on our needs, that is definitely going to look different for every one involved.

Which is cool to experience.

Why? Because of the things we can learn about others so we can learn more about ourselves!  I have been able to learn so much more about who I am and what I like and dislike just by surrounding myself with others who are also working on the same goal.

I actually find it to be a beautiful thing ; Connecting with others on this journey has really and truly CHANGED MY LIFE.



My next Fitness + Nutrition Support and Accountability Group begins Monday, February 8.

This is What this Group is All about:

This exclusive 21 day virtual support and accountability group is for women who are motivated and ready to start living a healthier lifestyle; who are ready to become the best version of themselves, and are ready to throw out old habits and make new ones, and to become healthy and strong, INSIDE and OUT.  


We will be working together each of the 21 days to help support, motivate, empower, encourage,  and uplift each other as we follow our fitness and nutrition programs, as well as make the changes we are finally ready to make in order to live a healthy lifestyle.


Here is what to expect:

  • A Private, Safe, Non-Judgemental Group to share and connect with others women on the same healthy lifestyle journey
  • Daily Support, Empowerment, Encouragement, & Motivation
  • Daily Check-In’s
  • Fun Mini-Challenges that we do together as a group
  • Space to ask questions, share success, and struggles
  • Peer-to-Peer Motivation
  • Accountability

As Well as Help to:

  • Simplify Nutrition
  • Find the Time to Fit in a Workout
  • Learn to Make Meals that can still please the palate of your family, while helping you reach your goals
  • Learn it is still possible to reach your goals, and not give up food you love (like pizza!)


Maybe this is for you, maybe it’s not. But it never hurts to extend an invitation.  I have found that just knowing others are on the same path is comforting and that being able to turn to them is a wonderful thing.

If this is something you would like to discuss more with me, then click on the link and you will be directed to my support and accountability group form.

Fitness + Nutrition Support & Accountability Group Application


As always, thanks for stopping by! Happy Friday to you!



To PreWorkout, Or Not to PreWorkout?

FullSizeRender (2)

Last year when I worked with a trainer, we spoke once about preworkout. As just being new to health and fitness, I saw many people come in with canisters and drink it before they began their routine. One day while we finished up my session, she began to drink her preworkout as she was meeting a friend to lift. So I asked her about it and what is specifically did. She said that most people take it prior to working out so they can get a really good lift session in and it provides them a good amount of energy to get through their workout.  She then explained to me how she felt when she took it as it made her skin really tingle and it felt as though it would crawl a bit. However, she would get a pretty awesome workout in, and it would give her some awesome energy.

Of course, as curious as I was about this, I was afraid to give something like this a try. I would sometimes drink a cup of coffee before I would workout to have a bit of a pick me up to help me get through a workout. Since I struggled so badly with panic attacks and anxiety in the past, I wasn’t about to try something that would make me feel weird and out of control. That is what it feels like to have anxiety attacks and to have panic attacks. I would feel totally and completely out of control and it was not something I enjoyed feeling. So once I got the anxiety and panic under control with medication, I preferred to not feel that way anymore. 😉

So back in July, there was a new preworkout that hit the market that was plant based, and contained all natural ingredients. It contained a low dose of caffeine that provided the energy and the focus needed for a workout, but came from green tea extract. It stated that it improved intense exercise performance, increased energy & endurance, and sharpened focus and reaction time.   I still wasn’t sure about it so I didn’t jump on trying it right away.

I actually didn’t try this until August. My mother had actually purchased some as she has a really hard time sleeping, and she was getting up to walk on her treadmill in the morning, so she decided to give this product a try and see what it was all about. She told me that it didn’t make her feel weird or anything. She said she felt like a slight tingling but that was pretty much it. She felt energized and focused and she really liked how it didn’t make her feel jittery.

So after hearing her experience, I chose to give it a try myself. Waking up at 4:30 am doesn’t always provide me the get up and go energy that I would like for my workouts, so this was something I had been thinking about trying that would allow me to have more energy and improve my workouts for the morning.

So, I took the plunge and decided to give it a try. I must admit, I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  But you know what?  It did exactly what it stated it would do. I felt more focused, I had more energy, and I was able to get out of my head and really finish those reps that I would normally not do because I would tell myself I just couldn’t. The best part?  I didn’t feel weird, jittery, or had that skin crawling sensation.  I just felt full of energy, was alert, and just had a really great workout. I never ended up crashing afterwards either. And that right there was a huge plus!

So my take?  Choose a product that is certainly right for you.  I prefer the one I take because I do need that extra push in the mornings. And it is no different than me having a cup of coffee prior to my workout, except it provides me more focus.  Yes, there is just a hint of tingling, but it isn’t a big deal and it doesn’t feel weird at all.   For me, this just works best and it helps me; It helps me get those last reps in that I am actually strong enough to do, but not mentally telling myself to quit. It helps for me to stay focused and on task and just get a really good workout in so early in the morning.  I just feel that making the choice to drink a preworkout prior to doing our workout is a very personal choice, and a decision we should make based on our very personal needs.

So I say if you are wanting to give a preworkout a try than go for it! However, I do recommend you take your time and read the ingredients, get some feedback on the product, and if at all possible, get personal experience from others.  Only  you can decide what is OK for you and what isn’t, so make sure you choose a product that is in alignment with your personal needs and beliefs. 🙂

So, as you have read, I chose to try a preworkout, and I haven’t looked back since. 🙂

If you have ever tried a preworkout, let me know in the comments! Did you love it or hate it?



So many people I speak with tell me they want to be healthy, they want to lose weight, but they just don’t have time to workout. So they ask me how I am able to get a workout in each and every day and be motivated enough to do it.

I always have a hard time finding the best response to this question because I honestly don’t want to upset them. I do understand how they are currently feeling, however, I know first hand that if we truly want to make changes in our life, that we need to make it a priority. And when I do tell them the time that I choose to get up and workout they look at me like I am just nuts! lol

People who live a healthy lifestyle just don’t magically find the time to workout. They make time for it. So when someone says to me, “I want this, I just don’t have time,” is really saying to me that they want this but don’t want to make it a priority.  I get it. I have said this myself over the years with many different things actually. I didn’t want to do something so I would say, “Sorry, I am busy”.

But let’s get real for a moment. If we truly, desperately, want to make the changes, we are going to have to make time. And sometimes making time means sacrificing other things in order to make that said thing happen.

Case in point.

I wake up during my work week at 4:25 am every morning so I can get my workout started at 4:30 am. Is this early? You bet your ass it is! lol BUT, I chose to make this the time I workout. Why? Because it was the only time that I found allowed me to get it done.

See, I tried to work out in the evening when I got home. Most of the time it wouldn’t happen because I was needed, or I was tired and didn’t feel like it after working all day. So oftentimes I would end up skipping it. Now I could have worked out at a gym, but at the time our financial situation did not allow for me to have a membership every month, so if I was going to make this lifestyle happen I was going to have to get moving at home. After all, I had a ton of workout dvds just sitting in the closet, there is youtube, google…I mean there is a plethora of information out there for us to get our exercise on!

Anyways, working full-time, being a mom, being married, and having a house to take care of is a huge chunk of my time. I am away from my family for the majority of the day and I only get really 3 hours a night to spend with them once dinner is done and stuff packed for the next day.

So, I choose to get up in the morning and workout. Why 4:30 am? Well, I have to be at work by 7:30 am. So that means I workout for a half an hour, I shower, I like to have a bit of time to just sit and drink a cup of coffee, make my breakfast shake, and then I have to get my daughter up and get her ready, take care of the dog, and then get us out of the house by 7:00 am so I can take her to daycare and then head into work. So in order to allow time I need to get up this early. It is what works the best for me.

So what I have chosen to do is sacrifice some time in the evening by going to bed earlier, so I can get up and get my workout done, so that I can have some time with my family in the evening. Not to mention, I am able to just get my workout done for the day.

So, I made the time necessary to allow exercise into my daily life by making it a priority, and sacrificing certain things I used to do (that at this point I don’t even miss honestly) so that I can make other things in my day a priority as well.

It’s just really a matter of choices honestly.  I know they want to hear a magic formula because they just haven’t seen the true reason just yet, but there are just so many things that we do daily that we could cut back on in order to make some time for a workout.

And to prove that you don’t really need to have a ton of time to get a good workout in, I have included an easy home workout that you can do many different ways depending on your time and what you feel like doing.











Holidays are always surrounded with love, family, giving, and TREATS.
My goodness the treats!

The holidays can be a time when we tend to go more towards the indulgences, and less towards the veggies.


So this month makes 2 years since I decided to embark on my own health and fitness journey. It definitely takes some planning, and some mindfulness on my part, but overall I have picked up some strategies to help me keep working on my healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the holidays and all the festivities that go with it!
So here are some tips that I personally do that helped me last holiday season, as well as the one that is currently upon us.

1. Stay on my hydration game. This is always my priority. I make sure to drink at least half of my weight in water every single day.

2. Workout. I make sure to get a good sweat session in 5 to 6 days a week.I especially make sure that I get a good one in if I am going to be headed to a gathering later when my choices are limited.

3. Take a healthy dish. I do this to just have at least one healthy option to choose from. So by taking a healthy dish, I have at least one thing that I can guarantee will be healthy, and I can also share with my family and friends!

4. Enjoy the treats in moderation. Seriously we need to enjoy life! And sometimes it is necessary to eat a piece of your favorite pie, or enjoy that twice baked macaroni and cheese. Take a small portion and enjoy every single bite.

5. Continue to eat like I do each and every day. Now I try to focus more on the company, and less on the food. I typically feel better when I am eating healthy and my tummy always thanks me for it. So just remember that just because the holidays are here, doesn’t mean that we just go crazy and eat all the things. We technically can have pie, candy, and macaroni and cheese whenever we damn well please. 🙂 So eat like you normally do, and enjoy the food that you choose too, and most of all, enjoy the company that you are around.

It doesn’t have to be crazy restrictive, and we don’t have to act like food is off limits or bad. Seriously, we need to enjoy ourselves. However, we don’t need to act like we will never see this food ever again. We can choose to have the food how we want whenever we want. The best way to handle it is to have a small plan set in place. This way we can still focus on the festivities and work on our goals, all at the same time!